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My Project Based Learning

This is my artifact on the ancient Greek Gods. Earlier I wrote a report on them.  I found the information mainly on websites on the Internet but also a lot of facts came from books. I put them into my own words but still phrased them so tat they were interesting for the reader.I put the Report on the poster, the border is made up of ancient Greek patterns and symbols that represent Greece and the Gods. Below I carved a ancient Parthenon and made an Ink print out of it. It took a lot of time and many parts i found such as when I had to cut small straight lines without taking off too much. Also I had to think how would it look with the ink on because everything you carve out will turn up white. However rolling the ink on was much easier because it is quite hard to muck up with.  This is my report that is on the poster.     

The Ancient Greek Gods  

Do you know about the Ancient Greek Gods? Well the Greek Gods have been known for thousands of years by the people of a country, known as Greece. They believe that the Greek Immortals or Gods owned different properties of Earth. So what do they do in everyday life? This piece of writing is going to give you more information about the Greek Gods.

Greek Gods were extremely important in Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks talked to the Gods through prayer, they usually did this in a Parthenon. A Parthenon is a Greek temple where they could sacrifice to the Gods. Greeks would pray to the different gods for different things, they would pray for loved ones dying to Hades this is because Hades is the God of Death.They believed that Hades would be happy with the people for treating him respectfully and that he would spare their family.Different Gods are rulers of different things or livestock. Like Zeus, God of the sky and king of the gods, Poseidon God of the Sea and Horses, Ares god of War, Hephaestus god of fire and blacksmiths and Hera Goddess of Marriage. Did you know that there is a Goddess of toilets also known by Greeks as τουαλέτα ? That’s Right Athena the famous Goddess of wisdom, doves and battle strategy is also the Goddess of toilets!  

Ancient Greek citizens honoured the Greek Gods by making sacrificial offerings. What were they sacrificing? The answer is animals such as goats, sheep, calves and even dogs YUCK ! Did you know that some gory Greeks let the animals agree to their death. How so, by sprinkling water on their heads so it made out that they were nodding. After killing the animals they would burn them as a sign of respect to the Gods. But they didn’t just burn innocent animals they burnt ordinary food such as olives, bread, grapes, meat and drinks like wine. In Ancient Greece it was believed that the Gods liked the smell and would bring the people who burnt the food, luck and well being!  

The first ever Olympics in Olympia Greece, were in fact dedicated to Zeus. Why Zeus of all gods? Well back then Zeus was considered the most powerful of all the Gods. Another reason is that Zeus is actually the King of all the Greek Gods and of Mount Olympus. When the ancient Greeks competed they all believed Zeus was watching them from the Heavens. This is actually part of the reason they did the Olympics to entertain Zeus and to become fitter and stronger for war. That reason was also linked to Zeus the men believed if they were better at fighting Zeus would be happy with Greeks and bring them good weather and enough rain for water and crops. So the Olympics would not exist without the belief of the Greek Gods.       

Ancient Greeks used to believe that in everyday life you must not speak ill of the Gods. It used to be when there was a storm Zeus the God of the sky was angry. When close relatives died Hades was not pleased with them. That is because Hades is God of Death. Everything back then evolved around the Ancient Greek Gods. All Gods back then were highly respected and if you didn’t respect them the Greeks would execute you. The Greeks worshipped the Gods daily, they did this by making sacrifices and praying to them in a Parthenon. Believing in the Gods if you were a man often meant Going to war. They believed if you did so Hades God of Death will reward you in the underground or after life.    

Parthenon's are temples for the Greeks to go to and communicate with the Gods. The Ancient Greeks went to there local Parthenon's daily to please the Gods with sacrifices, they will have prayer and ask the Gods for their help and guidance. In everyday tasks and war. In our Days they are ruins and tourist attractions. Archaeologists have looked at the ruins and have figured the main ways Ancient Greeks Designed their buildings or the methods of their building.

What is the Acropolis and what is the importance of this piece of architecture?    
The Acropolis is considered one of the most important Ancient Greek architectures ever. Back in the days when the Acropolis were new they were extremely important, this is because they were used to retreat into when the city was under attack. These structures were located in the centre of the city or in a valley or up a mountain. Romans were a great threat to Greek culture and these buildings were used to prevent attacks on the people.

The Greek Gods were and still are very important. They may just be myths and legends but they will always be important to Greece. The Ancient Greeks honoured them and some nowadays Greeks still do worship these Gods. I bet that if every Olympian knew that without the belief in the Greek Gods there would be no Olympics i’m sure that, they will be very grateful. That is why the Ancient Greek Gods are very important even now.  

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