Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rugby: Rucks, Tackling and Jonah Lomu

Rugby started off when a boy named William Webb Ellis picked up the soccer ball during a game ran to his goal post and put it down in the goal. And thats how rugby started other people in the world added more rules to the game of rugby. But the real creator was William Webb Ellis.  

This is what I found out about rucks.
1. That you must not dive into a ruck.
2. Crouching or bending forward is permitted. Your shoulders must be equal to or higher than you hip level.  
3. You should attempt to step over the ball to gain control.
This is a photo of how a ruck should look.    
When you tackle a player on the opposite team you should have your cheek to their butt cheek so that when you wrap your arms around their legs you won’t get hit by their knee in your face. This is  to make sure that they are on the ground when you tackle. You should tackle them by squeezing their legs tightly and driving forward.

Jonah Lomu.
Jonah Lomu started off playing league and then found out how good he was at union. Jonah Lomu came from one of the poorest parts in Auckland. He was the all blacks best try scorer until unfortunately he got problems with his
kidneys. A radio DJ gave Jonah Lomu a working kidney but still Jonah is not well enough to get back on the pitch. Jonah Lomu first announced himself to the world in 1993. In 2003 he got a special merit award by the I.R.B for his great contribution to the International game. My favourite try that Jonah Lomu scored was the one where he bowled over an Englishman.


  1. Very cool Ezra I love all of the facts.
    I reckon that you would love to meet him and I mean Looooooooove to.

    Keep up the great work Ezra!

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  2. Ezra, great information. There is certainly a lot of rules around rucks and mauls. I think Jonah is a legend too, and that try when he bowled over Rory Underwood was exceptional. Top effort Ezra, well done.

  3. Brilliant research on our great game! I am starting to see some of these skills improve in your game too Ezra. I think our rugby team needs to read your paragraph on tackling. Next time we have training you could teach our team the correct technique :) Great piece of writing Ezra. I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Great write up on rugby Ezra. I look forward to you bowling a few players over on Saturday. Awesome work bud.

  5. Amazing work Ezra. That is some good instructions what to do in a ruck. I didn't know some of those things. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. That is a good rugby story

  7. Ka Pai Ezra,
    Loved your story.
    Tu Meke Keep it up.