Monday, November 28, 2016

My Project Based Learning

This is my artifact on the ancient Greek Gods. Earlier I wrote a report on them.  I found the information mainly on websites on the Internet but also a lot of facts came from books. I put them into my own words but still phrased them so tat they were interesting for the reader.I put the Report on the poster, the border is made up of ancient Greek patterns and symbols that represent Greece and the Gods. Below I carved a ancient Parthenon and made an Ink print out of it. It took a lot of time and many parts i found such as when I had to cut small straight lines without taking off too much. Also I had to think how would it look with the ink on because everything you carve out will turn up white. However rolling the ink on was much easier because it is quite hard to muck up with.  This is my report that is on the poster.     

The Ancient Greek Gods  

Do you know about the Ancient Greek Gods? Well the Greek Gods have been known for thousands of years by the people of a country, known as Greece. They believe that the Greek Immortals or Gods owned different properties of Earth. So what do they do in everyday life? This piece of writing is going to give you more information about the Greek Gods.

Greek Gods were extremely important in Ancient Greece. The Ancient Greeks talked to the Gods through prayer, they usually did this in a Parthenon. A Parthenon is a Greek temple where they could sacrifice to the Gods. Greeks would pray to the different gods for different things, they would pray for loved ones dying to Hades this is because Hades is the God of Death.They believed that Hades would be happy with the people for treating him respectfully and that he would spare their family.Different Gods are rulers of different things or livestock. Like Zeus, God of the sky and king of the gods, Poseidon God of the Sea and Horses, Ares god of War, Hephaestus god of fire and blacksmiths and Hera Goddess of Marriage. Did you know that there is a Goddess of toilets also known by Greeks as τουαλέτα ? That’s Right Athena the famous Goddess of wisdom, doves and battle strategy is also the Goddess of toilets!  

Ancient Greek citizens honoured the Greek Gods by making sacrificial offerings. What were they sacrificing? The answer is animals such as goats, sheep, calves and even dogs YUCK ! Did you know that some gory Greeks let the animals agree to their death. How so, by sprinkling water on their heads so it made out that they were nodding. After killing the animals they would burn them as a sign of respect to the Gods. But they didn’t just burn innocent animals they burnt ordinary food such as olives, bread, grapes, meat and drinks like wine. In Ancient Greece it was believed that the Gods liked the smell and would bring the people who burnt the food, luck and well being!  

The first ever Olympics in Olympia Greece, were in fact dedicated to Zeus. Why Zeus of all gods? Well back then Zeus was considered the most powerful of all the Gods. Another reason is that Zeus is actually the King of all the Greek Gods and of Mount Olympus. When the ancient Greeks competed they all believed Zeus was watching them from the Heavens. This is actually part of the reason they did the Olympics to entertain Zeus and to become fitter and stronger for war. That reason was also linked to Zeus the men believed if they were better at fighting Zeus would be happy with Greeks and bring them good weather and enough rain for water and crops. So the Olympics would not exist without the belief of the Greek Gods.       

Ancient Greeks used to believe that in everyday life you must not speak ill of the Gods. It used to be when there was a storm Zeus the God of the sky was angry. When close relatives died Hades was not pleased with them. That is because Hades is God of Death. Everything back then evolved around the Ancient Greek Gods. All Gods back then were highly respected and if you didn’t respect them the Greeks would execute you. The Greeks worshipped the Gods daily, they did this by making sacrifices and praying to them in a Parthenon. Believing in the Gods if you were a man often meant Going to war. They believed if you did so Hades God of Death will reward you in the underground or after life.    

Parthenon's are temples for the Greeks to go to and communicate with the Gods. The Ancient Greeks went to there local Parthenon's daily to please the Gods with sacrifices, they will have prayer and ask the Gods for their help and guidance. In everyday tasks and war. In our Days they are ruins and tourist attractions. Archaeologists have looked at the ruins and have figured the main ways Ancient Greeks Designed their buildings or the methods of their building.

What is the Acropolis and what is the importance of this piece of architecture?    
The Acropolis is considered one of the most important Ancient Greek architectures ever. Back in the days when the Acropolis were new they were extremely important, this is because they were used to retreat into when the city was under attack. These structures were located in the centre of the city or in a valley or up a mountain. Romans were a great threat to Greek culture and these buildings were used to prevent attacks on the people.

The Greek Gods were and still are very important. They may just be myths and legends but they will always be important to Greece. The Ancient Greeks honoured them and some nowadays Greeks still do worship these Gods. I bet that if every Olympian knew that without the belief in the Greek Gods there would be no Olympics i’m sure that, they will be very grateful. That is why the Ancient Greek Gods are very important even now.  

Monday, August 08, 2016

Dylan Schmidt

Lately in Totara hub we have been writing emails to our chosen athletes. Mine was Dylan Schmidt a kiwi gymnast who performs on the trampoline. My goal was to write a well punctuated letter that would inspire him to do do his best at Rio in the Olympic games. Something I did well in this writing was keep it interesting so it was easier and more fun to read. In this writing I felt it difficult to get all the correct punctuation that a letter needs in it. The questions I asked him were ones you couldn't just search the answers up on the internet. So I will learn some new things about him that most people don't know.

To Dylan Schmidt,

Good luck for the Trampolining event. New Zealand is supporting you. I will be watching you on the television at home. When I first watched a video of you competing I was instantly inspired by you. It is amazing that you are young and yet you are at the Olympics in the worlds hardest sporting competition to get into.

I would really enjoy watching you win a medal if not to see you achieve your personal best. Either way I’m positive you will make New Zealand proud. You have Inspired me and I am out every day practising backwards and front somersaults, aerials and pikes.

These are three questions I have been thinking about. How do you train for the Trampolining event?  What kinds of exercises are involved in your training? What are your training hours leading up to your event in Rio?  

It was really cool hearing that you are New Zealand's first Trampolinist to compete in any Olympic Games. Once Again Good luck for Rio. GO NEW ZEALAND!

And if possible Please reply.
From Ezra.

Parkvale School
New Zealand


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Maui and the big fish

I was challenged in this piece of writing because of all the detail I had to add. I am proud of all the different interesting sentence starters I used. I really enjoyed writing this retell of Maui and hope to write another retell soon. It was difficult to reread and find mistakes like speech marks and to improve the grammar. In this writing I tried to use the most descriptive sentence starters and words. I was retelling Maui trying to use all the good descriptive vocab possible. Next time however I think I could try to use more speech and use my perseverance muscles to keep going and try to get good accurate speech and punctuation for the speech.

Maui had four jealous brothers. This was because Maui was better than all of his brothers at everything, his brothers were angry and seeked revenge. Early the  next day the four brother set off in their waka on a fishing trip without Maui, at least that’s what they thought.  However Maui was smart and cunning so early in the morning he snuck and hid in the bottom of the oak finely carved waka. He hid in the bottom of the carved rafters waiting and waiting.  

Finally after lots of paddling the brothers found a satisfying fishing spot. Although, Maui hiding in the waka was not pleased so, he jumped out of hiding. Startled by Maui's unexpected appearance they lept back. Suddenly Maui cried ”not here.” Maui picked up a wooden paddle and carried on paddling the waka. Reluctantly his brothers angrily picked up their paddles and joined him. Maui paddled on an on until finally he was satisfied. Though the crafty brothers as revenge, did not give him a hook or bait.

So he took his magic jawbone and struck himself on the nose and used his blood as bait smearing it on his hook. Violently Maui swung his magic jawbone around faster and faster finally he let go it sawed(soared) through the air on and on then plummeted deep into the blue ocean. Waiting patiently he felt his hook snag on the top of a tiki on a marae planted on a giant fish. Maui Heaved, and tugged and pulled.  Planting his feet sternly in the waka he began to chant a karakia. Inch by Inch the mighty fish rose out of the water. Until it landed itself.

Maui was eager to explore and get his jawbone back but before he left he said to his brothers “Do not touch this fish I want a smooth land”. But as soon as Maui had left the brothers seeking their revenge started hacking the fish with their paddles the poor fish moaned in agony. Maui who heard the fish ran back to the brothers and cried “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” But it was to late the land was jagged with mountains and hills.   It is now known as New Zealand and home to many people. Some still believe the legend and think they are living on a fish. But many believe it is just a Myth this is a well known myth thought and great to retell. Know you've heard it do you believe you're living on a fish?                                                                                                                                                                                              

Monday, June 27, 2016


On the day of Matariki I walked into my classroom to see my name, in two groups I didn't sign up for. I was disappointed at first and I was lead to the panel board art. At first I didn't really enjoy it then once I got into it it became addicting and fun. We were given three cool designs to choose from. I chose the Patarki  (flounder.)  I got off to a bad start and had to restart a couple of times but after a while it became easier. When the group ended I liked it so much straight away I continued to weave my panel art. It wasn't long after that I finished my art. Here is a photo of Ngahere and I doing our paddle board art.

I then proceeded to the planting group there we planted the seeds of cabbage trees. I learnt loads about Nature and the waters and Erosion. Ngahere shared his Knowledge about eels and how they eat lots at certain times of the year ready for when there isn't much food. In this class I really had to use my noticing muscles to notice what the different plants are and how to grow them properly. Then our Hub gathered in the hall for lunch. The cooking group had kindly provided a delicious lunch. Of fish pie and delicious deep fried bread known as floaters. The food was amazing and I had really enjoyed the food from matariki. And I am grateful that we got the opportunity to celebrate Matariki Maori New year as a Hub.      

Thursday, June 02, 2016

How to make Vanilla Ice Cream

I blogged these instructions because I am proud of them and I think that people at home could give it a try. I was learning to write detailed accurate instructions. This was my first time writing instructions and I enjoyed writing them and hope to write instructions again. Next Time I think I could try in the introduction to make the reader really want to make this recipe. I found this piece of writing challenging but enjoyed writing it.
How to make Vanilla Ice Cream.
This is a recipe about how to make home made vanilla Ice cream. Lately I have been taking part in a science group learning about milk. Did you know that milk is 87% water? This was one of our experiences we were learning about physical changes from liquid to solids milk to Ice cream. It was really fascinating when we poured the salt into the ice and it made the ice colder.  If you follow these instructions you will have made delicious vanilla ice cream.    

You will need:
One large Ziplock bag.
One small Ziploc bag.
Crushed Ice.
2 Cups of milk.
1  cup of salt
¼ of a cap of Vanilla Essence  
2 tablespoons of sugar                                                                                           

Step 1. Take your large ziploc bag and steadily fill half of it with Ice.

Step 2. Pour 1 cup of salt into the ice to make it colder and shake the salt throughout the ice. The salt lowers the temperature of the water thereby making it colder so the ice takes longer to melt.

Step 3. Pour two cups of milk slowly into a smaller plastic bag and add your 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Step 4. Tip half a cap full of Vanilla essence into the milk. Secure the bag well then place in Ice.

Step 5. Shake the bag of ice violently for 5 to 10 minutes until the molecules have merged.

Step 6.  Open the bag if ice cream is solid.  

Now serve into bowl. Add scrumptious toppings if wanted. Now you have made your delicious easy to make homemade vanilla ice cream. To make a different flavour you could just add strawberry, banana or chocolate flavouring instead of the vanilla essence.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to manual instruction writing

How to Manual ( wheelie) on a scooter.  
Are you sick of going to the skate bowl but you don’t have any tricks to pull out. Well here is a solution an effective easy trick to do.  

You will need.
A scooter.
A flat concrete area.
A helmet optional .  
Step one. Practise lifting up your bars with one foot on the deck. You should look something like the picture below. Now try lifting the bars up and manualing with a bit of speed see how long you can maintain this for.
Image result for scooter manual trick
Step two. Try lifting your bars standing differently each time until you find what position is most comfortable. Once you have found how you prefer to stand practise doing short manuals until you get sore arms from lifting the bars and half of the deck.    

Step three. Scoot around casually and practise your manualing. Try and maintain your manual. Have your good foot on the deck when you pull up your other foot can balance the back wheel so you manual for longer.  

Now you know how to manual I hope you put this trick to some use . Have fun trying it and learning this cool trick.  

I enjoyed writing these instructions. I am very proud of the result. I hope you have learnt something new. I found being descriptive and specific hard in this particular piece of writing.  
Writing these instructions challenged me and I hope to write more soon. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Brick buster and Eagle Eye

I Chose to blog this piece of writing because I am proud of it. I was learning to do speech and use different sentence starters. I enjoyed writing this novel and I would like to write a sequel to it. Next time I could possibly use more describing words and try using a simile. Next time I think I should try to paragraph my writing better and use more sentence structure.


“Welcome to the national science Lab experiment 101. Today we will be transferring this strength serum into this young man.” “Are you alright about getting this into you” asks the Lab doctor “sure” I say. “Countdown starting now” says the Doc 3, 2 and 1. It happened quickly but I saw it coming. The iron lid of the serum was still lying in the serum bottle. A flash of green light erupted and I knew what was coming. Once I finally awoke the first thing I saw was my iron hands. I let out a yell in rage but it wasn’t my voice it sounded like rain pouring down on a shed roof. I looked at the Doc. “You lied, you said it couldn’t go wrong.” Then I hopped off the seat and ran right into the cold brick wall passing through the wall was easy like, it was made of paper. I ran and ran I didn’t belong with humans anymore and that's when I met eagle eye the excellent.

Eagle eye was a great friend to me. He was like me in many ways. He has powers no humans have dreamed of as well.  And then we realised there was no use in not using our powers and we knew we were to become the greatest crime fighters in the universe. And that's when the Bro Hut comes in. The Bro Hut is a multipurpose base of ours. Located on a unidentified island called Beastly Bay.  This is where me and my bro chill and train. This mansion has 16 rooms If you want to know what they are read this. Plasma Tv Lounge, Gym, Super suits locker room, weapons room, bowling lane, indoor pool and jacuzzi, Gaming room, Giant obstacle course, Bedroom, Buffett, a room with a very high roof for flying, a second Gym, A secret room deep under the island with our pet metallic dragon falcao, a garage for our super vehicles and our bomb shelter.

It was another ordinary day at the Bro Hut until 11.39 am. My bro and I were just hangin rotting our brains playing video games and eating chips until the alarm sounded. I ran and checked the computer. “It’s the Joker” I shout “at the National Bank.” Eagle eye turned up already in his Metal wings. “Nice lets fly” he said. I ran and jumped on his back. He took off through the front door and soared towards the Bank. Man I love these wings I thought. Eagle eye touched down on a shabby roof top. He peered through the fog Joker “he’s there and he’s not alone” says Eagle Eye. “Who is he with I whisper.” “Loki god of thieves and Ultron Lord of the many” he replied.  

Beep Beep Beep. I look down sitting on the the ground is a cream pie beeping. “Air” I said to Eagle Eye. He quickly soars into the sky. BOOM. The bomb went off but obviously I wasn’t harmed because I am iron. Eagle eye swooped down “I’ll take out ULtron and Loki you got Joker” “sweet” I say. Now where to start I thinks. Suddenly out of the mist I see the Joker appearing. “Aaaah” he says “Brickbuster how good to see you” he said with a laugh. “A pity you won’t look so pretty once I’m through with you.” “What do you want Joker” I say. “You didn’t realise did you” “I let myself be spotted by the bank so you and you little flying friend would come to get me.” “What I want is you and Eagle Eye dead.” “But what about Loki Ultron?” “ Saw them did you well they have left to prepare my army.” “So Eagle Eye is looking for nobody.” “Yes well done Brickbuster now I can capture you one at a time.” “I’m afraid that won’t be happening.” And with perfect timing Eagle Eye  swooped down picked the Joker up threw him off the building and landed next to me. “How did you know that Loki and Ultron weren’t there” I said. “I’ll tell you on the flight back ” he said with a grin.  TO BE CONTINUED           

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Name Sculpture

Lately in Totara whanau I have been doing some sculpture art. The 3d sculpture is made from the letters of my name. One side of the letter is painted and the other side has drawings that represent me on it. Th E has drawings of pogo sticks on it and some x pogo lettering. The Z has drawings of weapons on it to show my love for sharpening sticks and creating spears,shields and swords. it also represents how I love reading books with wars and old weapons in them. On my R I have drawn some easels and paint brushes and graffiti cans because I like doing art and looking at art. On my A are drawings of lots of different sports. Below Are some photos of my art.









Camp Omatua and Weka Point

Me whizzing off the edge of the slippery slide. 

Jacob and I having fun tubing.
Chris, Ryan, Camden and I all important staff for the lego police squad.  

I found getting to sleep the most challenging part of camp. It was challenging because at Weka my cabin was having so much fun talking and laughing and making up songs and wrestling. Our cabin didn't want to get into trouble so we made a signal called Hill. Whenever we heard Miss Hill on the deck checking we were asleep, we would say Hill turn all the torches off and pretend to be asleep. We had fun talking to 12.30 and woke up in the morning for some more talking at 4.00 am.     

At omatua I went on the slippery slide I couldn't beat the record though.  I tried wearing a wetsuit and spraying soap on myself but it still didn't work. I got a sore stomach because I went over a rock, it was very cold. I was three centimetres of getting the slippery side record.   

The next morning at Weka we went and retrieved the hinake  going tubing at camp Weka with the boys. We Tubed around some of the camp and we went through some awesome rapids which boosted us fast through the water. I found it challenging dodging all of the rocks and sticks that were sticking out of the water. At the end of our tube we made sure to get out of the water so we weren't zapped by the electric fence under the swing bridge. 

After a bunch of fun tubing I cooked my toast and some lunchin on the fire for breakfast. And talked with my mates before getting ready to pack up and leave. I liked sleeping at Weka better than sleeping at Omatua. 

At last we arrived at Onekawa pools. Quickly I got changed into my togs.  I climbed the stairs and reached the top, my legs ached. Chris, Ben, Ryan and I made a train going down the slide. We lay on our stomachs and held on to each others ankles. 
We whizzed down the slide at a very impressive speed and splashed into the pit of water at the bottom. I was happy that camp was over so I could go home but I was also sad that all that fun was over.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ezra's Trapdoor Writing

“Mum I’m Home” I shouted out. I slouched over to the dining room and dumped my bag on the moth eaten couch. Walking to my room I grabbed a handful of chocolate biscuits and stuffed them into my pocket. Once I was safe in my room I retrieved the stolen chocolate biscuits and started stuffing them into my mouth. The chocolate biscuits were extremely delicious. Dark chocolate I thought my favourite.
Image result for chocolate biscuits
I picked up my favourite wooden baseball bat and started pretending to hit a homerun.  
Bang! “Aarghh” I let out a silent groan. I had just planted my bat into a loose wooden floorboard. Quickly I retrieved my bat. Mum's going to ground me for ages  Huh I thought I stared down at the floor there under the floorboard was a bronze trapdoor.

Slowly I reached down, I gripped the bronze trapdoors knob. It was surprisingly heavy.  Hmm I thought wonder what's inside. Creeaaaaak. Inside was a tiny little key. I reached down and picked it up. The hole was only a few centimeters deep. Then I began to think. What does this key open?  Who left it here?    
Brrrrrrrrrrrring. I slowly rolled over and hit my alarm clock It read 10.00 am.Image result for alarm clock  10 am Nana and Pops I thought I had to be there by 10.30 for Mowing the lawns. I jumped out of bed pulled on my clothes and shovelled down a bowl of muesli. Hiccuping I snatched up my bike and started peddling for 103 Terrace Rd.

“I’m here” I called out to the rundown Granny flat. “Oh hello dear, go to the bathroom and wash your hands now Pops has just cleaned the house.” Grandparents, so hygienic I thought. On the way to the bathroom I passed their garage door, which apparently hadn’t been open for twenty years because they had their key stolen from a robbery. I kept walking then a small ping sound came from my pocket. Suddenly the small key from the trapdoor fell out of my pocket onto the ground. Image result for little old keyQuickly I bent down and picked it up. My heart started racing could it be. Turning around I shoved the key into the keyhole and turned.

Clink I pushed the door open. Thud I fell down a small flight of stairs. Looking around I found that this was no ordinary garage. On every single wall there were hundreds of sets of keys but not like the one that opened the garage they were car keys. Image result for lamborghini keysImage result for hot wheelsAnd next to every set of keys was a mini model of a car. I advanced on a little blue lambo. “Wow” I exclaimed “my dream car a Lamborghini aventador and it’s blue.”  “Ohh I wish it was bigger.” Bang Bang Bang, Bang Bang Bang. “What the freak it’s real.” Quickly I snatched the keys off the wall which now had a purpose. Unlocking the Lambo I jumped onto the drivers seat put the key in and started the engine. Vvrrrrrrrrooom  I revved the super car it to its loudest.  

Now how to get this bad boy out of here I thought. Aha the big garage door I bet that the key for the other door works for that. I quickly walked up the stairs and tried to open the door urgh locked. Great now I’m stuck in here. Now how am I supposed to get out. “Got it.” I jump back into the lambo and drive full speed right into the garage door. Pieces of iron flew at astonishing speeds through the air a loud sound like an explosion erupted. Screeeeech I skidded to a hold  on my grandparents shabby driveway. The car was surprisingly fine there were absolutely no scratches. Image result for blue lamborghini aventadorI heard a high pitched scream come from the house. Nana I thought I’ll explain later but first I need to take this car for a spin.`    

BY EZRA        

I am proud of my writing because It has good descriptive language. I chose to do this as my blog post because I think that it is entertaining and because I really enjoy reading it. I found using different sentence starters a little bit challenging. I really enjoyed using creative Ideas to put into my trapdoor writing.